When Should You Call a Mentor?

At a meeting last week of Parkinson’s support group leaders, the topic came up of when to call a mentor. At the onset, the answer to this question looks easy: “Whenever you need help.”

But as the discussion continued, it became clear that prevention, rather than reaction, is a powerful aspect of talking to a mentor.

The goal of the mentor program is to provide anyone living with Parkinson’s – newly diagnosed, long term patients, and care partners – someone to talk to. The mentors have all been down these roads and are, generally, successful at dealing with many of the issues associated with Parkinson’s.

We all know that when things in life start to unravel, a small issue can snowball into catastrophe. But before a crisis – that’s when it’s time to seek some help.

We are encouraging everyone to use the mentor program to make the little parts of life easier. All those little parts add up, making big deals into smaller, more manageable bits.

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