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Welcome to the PASD Mentor Education Program

Your Parkinson’s Association Mentor Education Program is divided into two sections: leadership, and Parkinson’s-specific insights. During the leadership section you will be guided through a series of chapters on training and communication. We will look at various techniques of communicating that will facilitate your relationship with your mentees.

Following that is a series of topics on Parkinson’s disease. These are generally short videos that address various symptoms, how the medical community works with those symptoms, and how you can offer guidance without giving medical advice.

As a mentor, you will be a great listener, a great story-teller, and a great support person. We encourage you to enjoy the complete journey as a mentor – the training, the listening, and the guiding.

Please watch the short video below from nurse practitioner Sherrie Gould, then dig into the chapters. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 619-373-5476.