Your Organization Can Now Participate in the

Parkinson’s Association Mentor Program

The Parkinson’s Association Mentor Program is a service provided by the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego. The Program matches a person with Parkinson’s or a care partner with a mentor.

People looking for a mentor can search on the website to see photos and bios of each mentor, or call the mentor phone number and an administrator will help connect them to an appropriate mentor.

Once the match is made, the mentor and mentee manage their own communications through phone, web conference, or in person. The mentors are charged with confidentiality and are not permitted to give any form of medical advice.

  • The mentors are great listeners.
  • Mentors can listen to you about your experiences and talk about how they relate to their own experiences.
  • Mentors can guide you to resources that are appropriate for your specific situation.
  • Mentors cannot and will not provide medical advice. Medical issues will be referred to your clinician.
  • You and your mentor will decide how and when you communicate and how long your conversations are.
  • Everything will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Regional organizations such as Parkinson’s associations, support groups, and other organizations, such as those supporting people with Alzheimer’s, MS, stroke, etc. may contract with the Parkinson’s Association Mentor Program and set up a team of local mentors.

Mentors will complete the Parkinson’s Association Mentor Education Program. We will provide a search page on the Parkinson’s Association Mentor Program website, and manage the program. The education program includes a section on leadership and communications, a section on Parkinson’s-specific symptoms and common issues, and a section on mandatory reporting.

These services are provided for a small monthly fee to each organization. All mentors are volunteers and mentor services are free to the mentees.

For more information, contact Mentor Program administrator Jeff Seckendorf, or call the Mentor Program at 619-373-5476.