“You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.”

Cesar Chavez

It’s a Sign of Strength

The reason for starting the PASD Mentor Program was simple. We saw the need to create an easy, accessible way for anyone living with Parkinson’s to get outside help.

And in offering a program that can help you, most importantly we don’t judge.

Contacting a mentor for “help” is a sign of strength, not an acceptance of weakness. It’s a sign that success can be right around the corner. Speaking with someone who has walked your path can bring a level of calmness and peace that is unparalleled when trying to go it alone.

The mentors are volunteers. They are here for one purpose, and one purpose only: to help anyone impacted by Parkinson’s. This means if you are newly diagnosed dealing with the emotions of the diagnosis; a long term person with Parkinson’s who needs a mental boost, or a care partner who needs emotional support or guidance.

The mentors have signed on to be your guide, to share their stories, and help you maximize your ability to manage Parkinson’s throughout your journey.

So, whether you are facing a Parkinson’s crisis or just want an objective person for a simple conversation, contact a mentor. They are great listeners, and they are here for you.

Click below to meet the mentors, click on the pictures to read their bios, then contact a mentor to set up a call. And it’s all free.