There is a saying in education that if the student learns ten things, then the teacher learns one hundred things.

The PASD mentors have stepped up for a variety of reasons but the overriding theme, when asking a mentor, “Why do you do it?” is a desire to give back. Almost all the mentors have said they wished they had someone to talk to when their Parkinson’s journey started, or when it got tough, or when it became harder for their care partner.

And although altruism plays a big part in everyone’s desire to help, there is no getting around the fact that a mentor-mentee relationship benefits both parties.

As your mentor delves deeper into their own story, giving you insights on how they dealt with the experiences you are currently having, the mentor opens a door to more and more clarity on their own journey and how their experiences can help you.

Give a gift to a mentor – allow them to help you. If you learn ten things, they will learn a hundred things.

Click below to meet the mentors, click on the pictures to read their bios, then contact a mentor to set up a call. The program is free to everyone and the mentors are all volunteers.