Going it alone. Toughing it out. Gritting your teeth.
Do you have to go it alone? Tough it out? Or grit your teeth?

Living Life with Parkinson’s

One of the most complex parts of anyone’s journey with Parkinson’s is that every day can produce a new surprise. How you felt yesterday may not inform how you will feel tomorrow. This is the nature of a progressive disease.

Whether you have Parkinson’s or are a care partner for someone with Parkinson’s, navigating this adventure becomes your daily challenge.

This does not mean your adventure has to be a negative experience, but no one is ever going to discount that fact that it’s difficult. So – what to do about that?

Have Someone to Talk To

This is the key. There are people willing to help you who have traveled their own Parkinson’s road, both with Parkinson’s and caring for someone with Parkinson’s. We have a team of those people who have made it their mission to help.

Meet the PASD Mentors

The PASD mentors are here for you. Each one has stepped up and offered to listen to you, speak to you about their experiences, and be absolutely sure that you know you are not alone.

Your mentors will help guide you down your road if you are newly diagnosed, have had Parkinson’s for a long time, or are caring for someone with Parkinson’s.

Find a mentor. Contact a mentor. Talk to a mentor. Click on the mentor’s photo to read their bio. Everyone brings something a little different to the table, so take your time choosing. All the mentors have completed the PASD Mentor Training Program and are ready to listen.

Use the contact form under the mentor’s bio to send the mentor a note. You will hear back by email or phone and you can set up a time to talk.

  • The mentors are great listeners.
  • Mentors can listen to you about your experiences and talk about how they relate to their own experiences.
  • Mentors can guide you to resources that are appropriate for your specific situation.
  • Mentors will not provide medical advice. Medical issues will be referred to your clinician.
  • You and your mentor will decide how and when you communicate and how long your conversations are.
  • Everything will be held in the strictest of confidence.