When we created the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego Mentor Program, the goal was simple: to give our Parkinson’s community a team of people to talk to.

Often, as humans, we believe we are strong; that we can do anything; that we can succeed on our own; that asking for help can be a sign of weakness.

Well, we are strong. We can do anything. We can succeed on our own. But, ASKING FOR HELP IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS.

Society, and in particular small communities within society, are based on people helping each other – guiding, supporting, or just quietly being there.

That’s what our mentors do – they listen, they guide, they can tell you about their own experiences dealing with the same things you are going though, and they steer you to resources available to you.

The mentors volunteer their time to help you. They listen. They give you a sounding board to express your personal thoughts and feelings about having Parkinson’s or caring for someone with Parkinson’s.

The mentors are here for you. The service is free. Meet the mentors, read their bios, contact a mentor, and start a conversation. Be stronger, do anything, and be successful.