Mentors Bring Added Value

If you sit down with any marketing consultant, the first thing they ask is, “What is your USP?” Your “unique selling proposition.”

In marketing terms, it’s what makes you better; what makes you stand out. Often companies choose phrases like, “best ever,” “highest value,” “lowest cost.” In many cases, companies use their USP to compare themselves to others.

Our USP is different. The mentor program follows the USP of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego: “Helping You Live Your Best Life.”

This is exactly what our mentors do – they help you live your best life. They don’t live it for you; they don’t replace your care partner, spouse, or child. The mentors ADD value, giving you a sounding board to support your needs during your journey with Parkinson’s.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, have had Parkinson’s for decades, or care for someone with Parkinson’s, the PASD mentors can help you live your best life. Click below to meet the mentors, click on the pictures to read their bios, then contact a mentor to set up a call. And it’s all free. Take advantage of our USP.