Paul Kaufman

Position: Mentor for People with Parkinson's
Categories: For All People with Parkinson's, For DBS, For Newly Diagnosed
Location: San Diego

My father had Parkinson’s and was diagnosed at age 86 years young. I knew there was something wrong with myself but decided I would delay my diagnosis until my father passed. I was officially diagnosed with PD in 2009. I recently had DBS surgery which in my case benefited me greatly. I know first hand how PD affects one’s self, parents, spouses, children, friends, work as well as the financial burdens that arise.

My career involved extensive international travel running a large export business, global sourcing, marketing, distribution as well international marketing. During my 30 years of working with my organization I was also involved with paper machines, box plants, Kyoto protocol/climate change and ensuring compliance with the UN. Finally, I was part of the key management team involved financial resources, SPACS, and liquidating companies

I have been retired since I was 50 years old and find myself wanting to give more of myself to others as well as benefit from listening, sharing, and experiencing the joy that today and tomorrow holds for all of us.

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