Larry Rosen

Position: Mentor for Newly Diagnosed People with Parkinson's
Categories: For Newly Diagnosed
Location: San Diego

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in August 2019 and was shocked. As a psychology research scientist, I felt the need to learn what I could about PD and deal with it from both medical and psychological perspectives. Along the way, I have blogged about it on my Psychology Today blog as “A Scientist Grapples With Parkinson’s Disease” and a one-year update. Along with my scientific mind seeking an understanding, I am also part of a five-person PD support group that meets weekly and discusses topics ranging from our personal fears and successes to our meds, to the newest PD research. That combination of information and support has been VERY helpful in dealing with my PD. Personally, my PD is in an interesting state with tremors controlled by meds (unless I get stressed) but cognitive issues showing up although it’s hard to disentangle cognitive issues from aging issues. I still have some other minor symptoms mostly typing as my left hand can no longer keep up with my right when typing. A true challenge! I am 71 and just retired from 45 years teaching psychology at CSU Dominguez Hills in LA. For the last 35+ years I taught and studied the psychological impact of technology.

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