Diane Belcher

Position: Mentor for Newly Diagnosed People with Parkinson's
Categories: For All People with Parkinson's, For Care Partners, For DBS, For Newly Diagnosed
Location: San Diego

The tremors started seemingly out of the blue, the diagnosis was made, but it wasn’t for another couple years that I realized life could go on with joy, purpose and meaning in spite of and because of PD. With the loving support of my husband, friends and members of the Parkinson’s support group we belong to, my world has expanded to include knowledge of the disease, treatment options, healthy lifestyle choices and hope for the future. Having just completed the DBS surgery and programing, I am looking forward to hours of increased on-time, fewer hours of dyskinesia and tremor and less medicine.

Retired elementary school teacher, wife of husband Aaron for 40 years, mother of three children in their 30s, and grandmother of four, I love to read, hang out with friends, putter around in my garden, travel, and play with the grandkids.

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