Carolina Murphy

Position: Mentor for People with Parkinson's
Categories: En Español, For All People with Parkinson's
Location: Sarasota

I was diagnosed with PD in 2015, a month shy of my 58th birthday. My main symptoms were stiffness, rigidity, and slowness of movement. I chose to continue working and tackled my new diagnosis with exercise and supplements. Six months later, I was in my car at a red light. When the light turned green it took what seemed like an eternity for my foot to press down on the accelerator. That day, I told Mark I was ready to start the PD meds.

In October 2015, I met a Care Advisor at the Neuro Challenge Foundation for PD. She shared info about the many FREE resources they offered. I left our meeting feeling hopeful! Mark and I immediately began attending support groups, dance classes, seminars, boxing workouts and Pedaling for Parkinson’s classes.

In 2016, I retired. For my sake and the sake of my family, it was time to do everything I could to keep my quality of life at the highest level for as long as possible. Fast forward to today, ”Team Murphy,” as I refer to our family, is 9 years into our PD Journey. We have learned that just taking the prescription medications is not enough to live a productive life with Parkinson’s.

I believe “It takes a village to navigate life with Parkinson’s”. Our Village includes: family, our PD friends, daily exercise, supplements, acupuncture treatments, massages & quiet time. Also a Spiritual connection is essential. Before I get out of bed, I thank God for the gift of another day, for the gift of my family & friends & for the GIFT of PD. Then I look in the mirror and say: PD…I’m going to kick your ASS today!
From the beginning of our PD journey, Mark and I recognized that the best way to deal with this diagnosis was with courage & a positive outlook. The last thing we wanted was for our kids to think that because life threw me a curve ball, I was going to strike out. On the days I feel sad, challenged, frustrated or angry. I remind myself: I have PD. PD doesn’t have me. PD doesn’t define me. Then I remind myself of my blessings!

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