Art Braun

Position: Mentor For Care Partners Of People With Parkinson's
Categories: For Care Partners
Location: San Diego

My wife Sheri and I moved from Nebraska to Carlsbad, CA in 1999. We were semi-retired after I left the corporate world and we sold the fine dine restaurant that we owned and Sheri managed for 16 years. After a year we both accepted jobs with our church. I became the Controller and IT Manager and Sheri was the Administrative Assistant to the Missions pastor and the Life After 50 ministry. In 2006 Sheri was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We weren’t too concerned since her father had Parkinson’s disease and did fine. Her disease progressed slowly and her symptoms increased each year. She had dyskinesia, bradykinesia, “freezing”, Parkinson’s dementia, and Parkinson’s psychosis as well as restless leg syndrome. By 2016 I became her 24/7 caregiver. God took her home in September 2019 after 58 years of marriage. Along the way I learned so much about how to lovingly care for the love of my life and face the challenges that Parkinson’s disease presents on the journey. I am retired and continue to volunteer with the Care ministry at my church.

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